Chiapas Amber Freeform

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Here is some very interesting information for amber lovers and collectors about Chiapas amber! Did you know that this material was formed 25-30 million years ago? The very trees who's sap created this honey colored gem are related to the same ones that created the famous Dominican ambers. Here's what's interesting; age has been the main determination on amber value because it was thought that the older the amber the harder it would be. However, Chiapas is younger than famed Baltic yet it's significantly harder and less prone to scratches. Another cool fact, as you know that I've way to determine if amber is real or fake you hold it up to a black light to see if it glows. This is called fluorescence. Chiapas happens to be the most phosphorescent of all of the major ambers so not only will it glow under a UV light, it will continue to glow for a little bit after you turn it off!