Monarch Opal Drop

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This truly amazing synthetic opal uses no dyes in its creation. Created by Jim Zachary, the same man from Sandia Labs who created the Zachary process that fooled the GIA for years with his enhancement and stabelizing process for turquoise, managed to figure out how to stack nanospheres of silica to disperse light in exactly the same way that opals do! This synthetic opal is absolutely amazing. Mimicking matrix opal and its play of light in 360°. Monarch Opal was the name that I came up with and trademarked for a minute for this material, but it is Sterling Opal who holds the patent currently as Sterling Foutz is related to Jim Zachary. We used to sell a lot of this, haven't for many years. It also goes by the names: Exodus opal. Galaxy Opal. Monet Opal. It is by far the most stunning example of man imitating nature, and Jim Zachary was a legend. Correction, he is still a legend! Became across this last little bit of rough trying to organize the studio. Talk about an exercise in futility lol. This is all that we will ever carry again.