Alaskan WMT Marquise Set

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Alaskan Wooly Mammoth Tusk *Sourced legally and responsibly in the USA* Humans have regarded bones as sacred and honored them in took making, sculptures and jewelry as far back as humanity itself. Preserved in permafrost and collected on private land only. The animals have been extinct for tens of thousands of years. This beautiful material has a warm, soft creamy look with beautiful "herringbone" patterns in some. Proboscidian (tusk) ivory is identified by the grain pattern that is visible in its cross section. These patterns, which are called Schreger Lines, are formed by a series of spirals running clockwise and counter clockwise over one another. This pattern resembles a star. When this star's points have acute angles the ivory is mammoth or mastodon, which means it is ancient fossilized ivory and that the mammoth ivory for sale is legal. If the points have obtuse angles the ivory is from modern elephants and therefore illegal. These lines can be easily identified under a microscope. This material will be invoiced as WMT Cabochon due to archaic restrictions from PayPal. It is 100% legal in the United States. International customers, please check with your local customs and import laws before purchasing. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MATERIALS NOT LEGAL TO IMPORT TO YOUR COUNTRY FROM THE USA.