Larimar Drop

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Sometimes referred to as the "Atlantis Stone" Larimar is unique to the Dominican Republic. Part of the Pectolite family, it is the only known location that this aquatic blue version is found. Barahona is the closest city where the largest deposit is found. Larimar is formed deep in the mountains within volcanic flows. Deep mine shafts have been created since the '70s to extract the gemstone and the Dominican government regulates the area to ensure that this resource stays in the possession of the people. This year, due to multiple tragedies from structural failure the main mines have been closed until a plan can be submitted for infrastructure to keep the miners safe. These projects take years and even decades so this means we will see the supply impacted in the future. Larimar is semi translucent in the higher grades and because of this, you can see this inner glow when you wear it.